Be prepared in case of emergency!​

No one knows when a disaster will occur.​ We have collected a variety of information that will be useful in times of emergency.​​

■OSAKA CITY FIRE DEPARTMENT​─Response to a Major Earthquake. (16 min 40 sec)​​

■TOKYO FIRE DEPARTMENT─10 points for earthquake (5 min 16 sec)​​

■NAGOYA CITY FIRE DEPARTMENT─Preparing for the coming disaster (11 min 17 sec)​​

■FUKUOKA CITY FIRE DEPARTMENT​─The correct way to protect your life from earthquakes (8 min 53 sec)​​

■Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism​─Protect yourself from disasters (10 min 02 sec)​

■ 32 items to include in your emergency bag (7 min 15 sec)​​

■ Amazingly convenient goods for 100 yen!─Top 5 Recommended Disaster Prevention Goods from Daiso (8 min 09 sec)​​

■Power outage simulation (8 min 31 sec)​​

■The danger hidden in that action (14 min 12 sec )​​