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ARK is an event management company from Osaka specializing in seminars, parties, conventions, award ceremonies, exhibitions , concerts and other array of events.

Planning and proposing exciting events is our strength. We offer bountiful ideas and tools for your event concept planning, proposing MCs, performers and attendee attractions as well as effective audio visuals, lighting and special effects.

Creating a successful event aligning with our clients objectives and satisfaction is our utmost goal. Unlike many other event companies who only rent out equipments, and appliances, we have directors and operators with creative ideas and proven formats to fully support you from original site designing all the way to the event delivery on the day.

Our service covers site and stage installation, stage equipment rentals, installation and operation of audio appliances such as microphones, speaker systems and mixing consoles. Installation and operation of visual appliances including screens, projectors, LED visions, live cameras and computers for video production is available. We also offer installation and operation of lighting equipments such as automated moving lights and LED lighting, production of stages, backdrops, photo backdrops and attendee photo corners.

ARK will cater to any kind of event production needs not only in Osaka area but also in Tokyo, Fukuoka, Nagoya or Sapporo.


is the word we would love to hear from you.


Based on our long and outstanding experience and performance, unique proposals will be offered catering to your needs. Events will be carried out using our extensive networks and skills. You will enjoy safe and secure operation.

We will present our customers with a most effective planning for their objectives, with event contents and venue environments in mind. Our staff will carry out concerts and ceremonies with highest expertise to bring out the most inspiring sound techniques.

Scenarios will be drawn up under a consistent concept, clarifying the production objectives. Implementing effective appliances and systems, our staff equipped with strong expertise will shoot the scenes. The final product will be unfolding impressive featured scenes to the audience.

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