Proposal type production company of Events & Audio,Visual

Introduce a striking and impactful event

Our service ranges from coordinating campaign events, ceremonies, functions and parties, anniversaries, seminars, character shows to arranging MCs and talents. Preparatory work for all kinds of events, including planning and production of effective tools, manuals and scripts as well as operation and management of the staff at the event site will be covered.

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Major newspaper company
Classical Ballet Competition
Major newspaper company
Kids' Ballet Competition
Major newspaper company
Dancing Festival
State government
Global Exposition
Local government
Firefighters New Year's performance
Local government
Police Department New Year's Inspection Parade
Local government
Regional Revitalization Summit
School corporation
Admissions Orientation
School corporation
Students' Festival
School corporation
Homecoming Event
Beverage company
Product Sales Expanding Promotion
Financial institution
Financial Seminar
Securities company
Investment Seminar
Commercial complex
Fashion Show
Amusement facilities
Kids' Dance Festival
Auto manufacturer
Technical Expertise Competition
Spirits manufacturer
Product Promotional Event
Beverage company
Golf Tournament
Children's apparel company
Sales Event Stage Management
Cosmetics company
Health Seminar
Food company
Store-front product promotional fair
Tire maker
Safety Enlightenment Event
Real estate company
Business Forum
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