Proposal type production company of Events & Audio,Visual

Deliver Powerful Message to Your Audience

We will design careful and consistent imaging tools from script construction and writing, direction, recruiting shooting crew, editing and narrative materialize best production. Promotion videos, document videos, web movies and TV commercials are covered in our range of planning and effective presentation.

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◆TV commercials, shows, live relay broadcasting

Japan Leisure Channel:Boat Race variety show
Green Channel:Horse Racing documentary program and talk show
School Corporation (University):Admissions and Open Campus CM
Corporate Business:Product commercials
Local Government:Event Relaying

◆Promotional videos

School corporation
School orientation
School corporation
Department orientation
School corporation
Applicants' orientation
School corporation
eLearning videos
Financial institution
Showing of anniversary ceremony video
Securities company
Web service directory
Energy plant facility
Plant demonstration video for visitors
Commercial complex
Relay broadcasting for customers' seminar
Medical equipment company
Sales promotion of new products
Beverage company
Presentation video, sponsored
Electronic manufacturer
Online product directory
Rental company
Rental items introduction and promotion
Sanitary products maker
Storefront showing of new products video
Cosmetic company
Webstore manual
Showing of anniversary ceremony video
Warehouse company
Logistics introduction
Real estate company
Property location introduction


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