Proposal type production company of Events & Audio,Visual

ARK's live streaming enables you from

just Delivering to fully Connecting. just Delivering to fully Connecting.

Sending out information via internet live streaming is not enough.
Appealing to viewer’s heart is essential.

ARK specializes in equipment arranging and organizing and many more!

  • Directing
  • Floor Management
  • Script
  • Subtitles
  • BGM

Our comprehensive support will boost your internet live streaming into a true entertainment.

Bookings available for:

  • ●MCs
  • ●Lecturers
  • ●Talents
  • ●Comedians
  • ●Musicians
  • etc

We produce various tools such as:

■We produce various tools such as:

proposals, manuals, graphs and charts

■VTR movies

for openings and endings, directions and instructions, etc

Paid streaming service also available

By employing charging system of our affiliate company, billing your streaming service is quite simple. Contact us for more details.

Events Created

Clients Events Streaming System
Broadcast Company Corporate Council Microsoft Teams
Electronic Company Product Presentation Cocripo
Public Seminar Zoom Webinar
Retailers' Incentive Meeting TV Conference System
Electronic Company Product Presentation Cocripo
Electronic Company Public Seminar Zoom Webinar
Electronic Company Retailers' Incentive Meeting TV Conference System
Cleaning Service Company Corporate Study Meeting Webex in-house restricted streaming
Automobile Manufacturer Corporate Award Ceremony Vimeo
Pharmaceutical Company Seminar for Medical Professionals Zoom Webinar
Overseas Pharmaceutical Company Corporate Award Ceremony Zoom Webinar
Beverage Company Corporate Seminar Zoom Webinar
10 Software Developer In-house Info Update Meeting Microsoft Teams, ZOOM
11 Labor Union Classical Music Concert Zoom Meeting
12 Cosmetic Company Product Launching Presentation Twitter, Instagram
13 Private University High school students' presentation Zoom Webinar
14 Newspaper Company Disaster Prevention Event for Children Youtube
15 Newspaper Company Open Medical Seminar for Citizens Zoom Webinar
16 Local Government Award Ceremony Youtube
18 Local Government Civic-participating Workshop for Disaster Prevention Live attendance & ZOOM
18 Local Government Stage performance of local theatrical group YouTube Live
19 Musician Concert Paid Streaming ZAIKO
20 Musician Concert Youtube Live

* Above are just to mention a few. We have a large record of past streaming.

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