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Stream audio over Wi-Fi→Enjoy it with your smartphone!

“WAVE CAST” streams sounds over Wi-Fi to individual smartphones. Audiences and attendees only need to install free WAVE CAST application on their devices and enjoy their choice of high quality audio.

Live streaming makes it feasible to access to drive-in theater sounds as well as live broadcasting. Multi-channel streaming also available for simultaneous interpreting in multiple languages.

Features of WAVE CAST streaming

Streaming over Wi-Fi !! All you need is a smartphone!! Real time multichannel streaming available !!

How to Use

Feed your sound to WAVE CAST and live stream it to user’s smartphone over Wi-Fi.

  • Input music/microphone to WAVE CAST
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  • Connect WAVE CAST to Wi-Fi access point
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  • Users install free WAVE CAST application on their smartphones Mac App Store Google Play
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  • Connect smartphone to Wi-Fi access point, start the application, and GO!

Meet various customer demands flexibly with Wi-Fi audio streaming !!

Drive-in theaters

Listen to the sounds on your smartphone while viewing drive-in theater screen in your vehicle. Typical drive-in theaters access to FM radio signals for audio, a costly and time consuming set-up. Transmission by Wi-Fi is easier and the audience can be localized.

Sports live broadcast

Spectators can listen to the sound and thrill of lively sports commentators while watching the sports event unroll in the arena/stadium, right before their eyes.

Simultaneous interpreting

Translated speech of the speaker will be streamlined and can be received by the audience through their smartphone. Eight channels available including Japanese, English and Chinese.

Trade show audio guide

Customers install app on site and gain access aurally to the latest and detailed product information on their smartphone.

Intercom system

No worries in managing a large event staff. Communicate and share updated information or send timely instructions on Wi-Fi streaming. Unlike intercom, the sound is clear and unobstructed, leading to less miscommunication hazards.

Hearing aid system

For hearing impaired audience, clear and accurate reception of the speakers voice is essential. Earphones will facilitate their hearing needs.

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